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Coauthored: "9TimeZones.com" hardback\softcover screenwriting book - amazon.com/dp/0738806137
Authored: "Côte d'Azur (French Riviera, "Sky-Blue Coast") free eBook - amazon.com/dp/B07VKQR7YY
Authored: "Vlad the Impaler: Son of Dracul" free eBook (based on 15th-century history - violent!) - amazon.com/dp/B017265KZE
Authored: "Merlinsky: The Sorcerer's Apprentice" free eBook (based on 12th-century folklore myths) - amazon.com/dp/B019AWDV3Q
Authored: "Eleven Thousand Virgins: Hildegard von Bingen's Last Chants" free eBook - amazon.com/dp/B019LWAW2I
Authored: "facebookworm" social networking\screenwriting book - amazon.com/dp/1448620805
Sold: debut student film to ABC-TV's groundbreaking cyberpunk series, Max Headroom.
Optioned: a producer in Zagreb picked up the Hrvatski rights to a 3-page script "iSex." All non-Croatian-language rights are still available. Including English.
Wrote: The Fall In Budapest [quarterfinalist and finalist] Francis Ford Coppola calls this screenplay "quality stuff" and the Creative Screenwriting magazine review says it has "tremendous possibilities as a romantic thriller."
Wrote: \\\ BackslasherBlog.com \\\ [teen suspense\comedy] Log line - Surfing for romance in cyberspace can be murder.
Wrote: Eleven Thousand Virgins [feature screenplay - semifinalist], Merlinsky [feature screenplay - quarterfinalist].
Wrote: Azért is..! (Despite everything..!) short animation script [semifinalist] - Visit 9TimeZones.com/scr for specifics on all scripts.
Wrote: spec TV scripts for Max Headroom, Family Ties, Golden Girls, Night Court, Dave's World, and the original sitcom pilot sUBTexT.
Served As: Online Editor for Palm Springs Life magazine, and wrote 631 articles in 9 months.
Wrote\Produced\Edited: TV ad\promo for HBO, NBC and UPN (now CW).
Directed: 23 half-hours of 3 three-camera music TV series for Hollywood indie prodco.
Edited\Wrote: radio network news scripts for iHeartMedia\NBC News Radio World Desk (wrote 10 & edited 300 scripts/day for 9 years).
Wrote: 10-minute stage play Doc Holliday's Gal [Big Nose Kate and the gunfight at the OK Corral].
Wrote: one-act stage play Twi§ted P@ir, and the prizewinning radio play Both Hands On the Keyboard, Chucko.
Wrote\Performed: 136-word\54-second creative nonfiction short story\mp3 recording Hack.
Wrote: 21-word\121-character Twitter play Texting 4 Godot.
Wrote: interactive Flash micro stories published by Locus Novus and magazine minima.
Wrote: poetry published by Putting Others First, and haiku published by tinywords.
Designed\Taught: Blogging 101 course for the University of California.
Created: award-winning screenplay formatting template - 9TimeZones.com/scr2.htm
Wrote: many short stories and articles published in dozens of anthologies and magazines, including PC, Playboy, and Britain's Guardian and Screenwriter. See http://9TimeZones.com/b for details on this prizewinning writer.
Edited: Beneath The Shadow Of Perpetual Defeat for designer Faruk Ulay (literary translation of a book of essays, published in Turkey and America); Cruise Quarters (novel) for producer Cara Bertoia; Floater (novel) for producer Gary F. Carr; Straight To Nowhere, Indian Hair, Life By Misadventure and Tent City Chess Club (novels) for John Kingery; and Floaters (edited novel by Dr. Louis E. Catron, designed cover, published posthumously).
Won: many spelling bees. Competed in the National Spelling Bee. Twice. Beat Ben Bernanke.
--Alan C. Baird
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