Alan C. Baird: 5-Continent Hat Trick!
Published worldwide:  Africa  America  Asia  Europe  Oceania
At Francis Coppola's website, 5 stories are listed in the Hall of Fame.
Australia Six Hours In Vienna   short story   Âvian Quintet #1   publication home page
Canada Humming   s   Â3   p
Denmark Bangin' Out That First Screenplay: A Substitute For Psychotherapy   p
Homestead Your Own Patch Of Screenwriting Cyber-Turf!   p
England Screenplays Via eMail   p
India Cumulus   s   Hall of Fame   p
Ireland Cathaoir Synge (Synge's Chair)   s   H   Â2   p
South Africa Vengeance On The Danube   s   p
United States
Cyberspace Collaboration   p   whois
The Last Lesson   s   H   Â5   p   w
The Sparrow Way   s   H   Â4   p   w
Vengeance On The Danube   s   H   p   w
Screenwright(R) screenplay formatter is a 4-Star Editors' Pick at Ziff-Davis.
SCRNWRiT's competition advanced The Fall In Budapest to the finals.