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off-the-wall interview§ with litera®y ty¶es by Alan ©. Baird:
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The Graphic Sex Interview with Robin Slick
Santa Fe Writers Project Literary Journal, 1/2005

Gay and Lesbian Weddings (David Toussaint)
Ink Pot Magazine, 12/2004

The Lazy Mick (Jim Ruland)
Ink Pot Magazine, 11/2004

Roses on His Piano, Tulips on His Organ (Grant Jarrett)
Exquisite Corpse, 12/2003

Iraq/Viet Nam/Korea - No Parallels (Susan O'Neill)
Friction Magazine, 8/2003

An Interview with the Angriest Author in the World (David Bulley)
Über, 5/2003

Maryanne Stahl: an interview on the Writing, and also the Sex [Rub Her Ducky]
Reinventing The World, 4/2003

Buy a Vowel, Steal a Consonant (Seth Shafer)
Bookslut, 3/2003

Set Your Brain on Fire: a singular interview with flash fiction matchbook creators Andrew L. Wilson and Bob Thurber
Word Riot, 2/2003

a random selection of other--supposedly humorous--articles by Alan C. Baird:

Three Open Letters to the Telephone Joneses With Whom I Cannot Keep Up.
McSweeney's, 3/2005

Hacking Google: SEO's sneaky spam secret.
Open Salon (Editor's Pick, 8/2008) [alt1] [alt2]

Tech: Screenwright(R)
OpenOffice.org Extension (award winner, 10/2008)

Page Daze
The Morning News, 5/2003

Outdoor: Sziasztok
The Edward Society, 2/2004

DVD Review: Moby - Play
Snoozeletter, 3/2005

Restaurant Profile: Jack in the Box Desert Drive-By
h2g2 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 5/2005

Time Is On My Side; No, It's On My Side: The Intricacies of Daylight Saving Time
Yankee Pot Roast, 4/2004

Achmed's Book
Corporate MoFo, 1/2004

fifty word fiction {England}, 6/2002

the-phone-book.com {England}, 9/2002

Betting on Señor Beckett
Found Magazine, 12/2002

really small talk, 10/2003

Why 16 June 1904 = Bloomsday (click #6)
Locus Novus, 11/2002

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