Alan C. Baird's freelance photography in Palm Springs Life:

Four shots that appeared on the magazine's "hey-go-see-our-website" pages. Upper left: the iconic El Mirador Tower, with its metal plaque sneaking outside the page frame, appeared on p.16 of PSL's February 2006 issue. I was so thrilled when my two pictures were selected for "the book"! Upper right: Daimaru XII, a sculpture near the Palm Springs Art Museum (later moved to a more photogenic location at the Convention Center), was on p.24 in March. Stuart Funk, PSL's Creative Director, surprised me that month by starting to run my photo credit, which is the teeny-tiny line of vertical text near the image's bottom-right corner. He also made me look good by airbrushing out a patch of dead grass and a whole lotta birdsh*t. Lower left: in April, I tried to get artsy-fartsy with the pic inside Welwood Murray Cemetery. This image is still my favorite: when you look at p.38 of the printed magazine, the grave marker actually glows. Lower right: on p.22 of the June issue, I wanted to capture the essence of PS baseball and ended up taking at least a hundred shots, on two different days. I was never really satisfied with the results, but Stuart saved my butt--as he usually does--by doing a great layout with a photo featuring Mt. San Jacinto in the background:


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