Click for Buzz. This photo of Anikó was taken in Morocco.   Anikó J. Bartos Aniko J. Bartos
now maintains studios in both Budapest and the Arizona desert, after coauthoring, a print\web\wap project which appeared at the Whitney Biennial. She was interviewed by Hungary's leading cyber-issues magazine [later uploaded+translated] and the Frei Dosszié (Dossier) program has filmed a profile of her, broadcast on TV2. One of Anikó's nonfiction stories was recently selected for publication in The Binnacle Literary Magazine's Ultra-Short Contest edition, and an article about her prizewinning essay was featured in the March 8, 2005 issue of Woman's Day. She even has a cameo on this DVD! At the moment, Anikó is prepping a cookbook entitled "Hungary? Let's Eat!" [sample recipe] She speaks Arabic, Russian and English, in addition to her native Magyar, and is currently studying Pig Latin.

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Anikó´s 131-word nonfiction («Good people, please help me.») was selected from over 700 submissions as one of 54 pieces to appear in the First Annual Ultra-Short edition of The Binnacle Literary & Arts Magazine.
   Anikó´s «Soul Nourishment» essay was chosen as one of the two Grand Prize winners (from over 500 entries) for its `originality, clarity of ideas and grace of expression´ in the Woman´s Day contest. An article on the two prizewinning writers is featured in this magazine.
The book cover.
Andrea Wesselényi interviewed Anikó for Internet Kalauz, Hungary´s groundbreaking cyber-issues magazine.
Tamás Frei, host of «Frei Dossier» (Central Europe´s premier TV newsmagazine), has also interviewed Tom Hanks, Sharon Stone, Bruce Willis, David Duchovny, Luciano Pavarotti, David Copperfield, Bill Gates, the Maharaja of Jaipur, Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, and Nobel Prizewinner Nelson Mandela.Here:
Aniko J. Bartos Anikó J. Bartos