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  <WBR> (Breaking non-space, to allow long constructs to wrap without inserting a space:
  &nbsp; (Non-breaking space)
  &#09; (Tab)
  &#10; (Line feed)
  &#13; (Carriage return)
× &#215; Multiplication
÷ &#247; Division
­ &#173; Soft hyphen
¡ ¿ &#161; &#191; Inverted exclamation, question mark
¢ £ ¤ ¥ € &#162; &#163; &#164; &#165; &#8364; Cent, Pound sterling, General currency, Yen, Euro
¦ &#166; Broken vertical bar [compare pipe symbol |¦]
§ ¶ &#167; &#182; Section, Paragraph
¨ &#168; Umlaut / diaeresis [compare quote "¨]
¯ &#175; Macron diacritic [compare underscore _¯]
— &#151; Em dash [compare hyphen -—]
˜ &#152; Small tilde [compare tilde ~˜]
› &#155; Small > [compare >›]
 &#157; Checkbox
´ &#180; Acute accent [compare apostrophe '´]
¸ &#184; Cedilla [compare comma ,¸]
· &#183; Middle dot [compare period .·]
° &#176; Degree
º ª &#186; &#170; Masculine, Feminine ordinal
¹ ² ³ &#185; &#178; &#179; Superscript one, two, three
© ® ™ &#169; &#174; &#153; Copyrighted, Registered, Trademark
« » &#171; &#187; Guillemet left, right / French quotes
¬ &#172; Not sign
± &#177; Plus-or-minus
µ &#181; Micro sign
¼ ½ ¾ &#188; &#189; &#190; One-fourth, One-half, Three-fourths

F12TM F12<SUP><SMALL>TM</SMALL></SUP> Trademark
7, Z <STRIKE>7</STRIKE>, <STRIKE>Z</STRIKE> European style
``W³´´ ``W&#179;&#180;&#180; World Wide Web

Á &#193; á &#225; A, a acute                                                                    [Top of Page]
 &#194; â &#226; A, a circumflex
À &#192; à &#224; A, a grave
Å &#197; å &#229; A, a ring / angstrom
à &#195; ã &#227; A, a tilde
Ä &#196; ä &#228; A, a umlaut / diaeresis
Æ &#198; æ &#230; AE, ae ligature / diphthong
ß &#223; sz ligature German / s sharp
Ç &#199; ç &#231; C, c cedilla
Ð &#208; ð &#240; ETH, eth Icelandic
É &#201; é &#233; E, e acute
Ê &#202; ê &#234; E, e circumflex
È &#200; è &#232; E, e grave
Ë &#203; ë &#235; E, e umlaut
Í &#205; í &#237; I, i acute
Î &#206; î &#238; I, i circumflex
Ì &#204; ì &#236; I, i grave
Ï &#207; ï &#239; I, i umlaut
Ñ &#209; ñ &#241; N, n tilde
Ó &#211; ó &#243; O, o acute
Ô &#212; ô &#244; O, o circumflex
Ò &#210; ò &#242; O, o grave
Õ &#213; õ &#245; O, o tilde
Ö &#214; ö &#246; O, o umlaut
Ø &#216; ø &#248; O, o slash
œ &#156; oe ligature
Þ &#222; þ &#254; THORN, thorn Icelandic
š &#154; s caron
Ú &#218; ú &#250; U, u acute
Û &#219; û &#251; U, u circumflex
Ù &#217; ù &#249; U, u grave
Ü &#220; ü &#252; U, u umlaut
Ý &#221; ý &#253; Y, y acute
Ÿ &#159; ÿ &#255; Y, y umlaut
ž &#158; z caron

For more info:
Numeric Code Character Entities, ISO 8859-1 Table, All ISO 8859, HTML 3.2 Reference Specification.

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If you have Netscape 3.0 or higher, try this JavaScript Color Cube.
8 Recognized Color Names (bgcolor=____) ~ Color of this page
Rainbow organization, light to dark (approximately - examples at Background Colors):
White FFFFFF <=(White FFFFFF)
Pink BC8F8F, Spicy FF1CAE, Neon FF6EC7
Coral FF7F00
Red FF0000, Indian 4E2F2F
Red-Violet CC3299, Medium DB7093
Dusty Rose 856363
Sienna 8E6B23
Scarlet 8C1717
Firebrick 8E2323
Maroon 8E236B
Salmon 6F4242
Red-Orange FF2400
Orange FF8800, Mandarin E47833
Yellow FFFF00
Goldenrod DBDB70, Medium EAEAAE
Yellow-Green 99CC32
Green-Yellow 93DB70
Aquamarine 70DB93, Medium 32CD99
Lime Green 32CD32
Spring Green 00FF7F, Medium 7FFF00
Green 009900, Light 00FF00, Pale 8FBC8F, Dark 2F4F2F
Forest Green 238E23, Medium 6B8E23
Sea Green 238E68, Medium 426F42
Dark Olive Green 4F4F2F
Green Copper 527F76, Dark 4A766E
Hunter Green 215E21
Cyan 00FFFF
Quartz D9D9F3
Turquoise ADEAEA, Medium 70DBDB, Dark 7093DB
Neon Blue 4D4DFF
Slate Blue 007FFF, Medium 7F00FF, Dark 6B238E
Blue 0000FF, Light C0D9D9, Medium 3232CD, Rich 5959AB, Navy 23238E
Sky Blue 3299CC, Summer 38B0DE
Cadet Blue 5F9F9F
Steel Blue 236B8E, Light 8F8FBD
Corn Flower Blue 42426F
Midnight Blue 2F2F4F, New 00009C
Blue-Violet 9F5F9F
Magenta FF00FF
Orchid DB70DB, Medium 9370DB, Dark 9932CD
Dark Purple 871F78
Violet 4F2F4F
Light Wood E9C2A6, Medium A68064, Dark 855E42
Tan DB9370, New EBC79E, Dark 97694F
Khaki 9F9F5F
Brown A62A2A, Dark 5C4033
Semi-Sweet Chocolate 6B4226, Baker's 5C3317
Feldspar D19275
Copper B87333, Cool D98719
Brass B5A642
Gold CD7F32, Bright D9D919, Old CFB53B
Bronze 8C7853, New(II) A67D3D
Wheat D8D8BF
Thistle D8BFD8
Silver E6E8FA <=(Silver E6E8FA)
Gray C0C0C0, Very Light CDCDCD, Light A8A8A8, Dim 545454
Dark Slate Gray 2F4F4F
Black 000000

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