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Do you get wired up a little TOO often?!
  Netaholics and webaholics will feel total acceptance  
at this satirical support site...

Visit one (or all!) of our entertaining locations:


BOOK: " - an eMail screenplay collaboration between
Hungary and L.A. (includes first draft script The Fall In Budapest)"

Read all about it! Find love through the Internet!!

F12 Twelve Step Program - newsgroupies and chatheads also welcome!
Key One of the Twelve Keys: "My name is _____, and I HAVE NO LIFE!"

Screenwright(R) Screenplay Formatting Shareware
Technically, not so entertaining, unless you're writing a script with WordPerfect...

Attorney Jokes From Snifter, Flute & Stein
Armagnac-quality, sparkling legal humor on a beer budget.

Bottoms Up!
Luckily, there are many wonderful award-givers out there who support all of the rest of us
in our bumbling attempts to carve out a little corner of self-expression here on the Web.

Screenwright(R) Book Nook
Browse through (and mail order) a massive selection of screenwriting titles...

Hildegard von Bingen - Discography
Background information on the 12th-century composer of ravishing liturgical chants.

eZine  « mot »
French & American humor, prose, poetry, reviews, food, anthems, etc.

The Hungarian Alchemist - Anikó J. Bartos
Divination (I Ching, Tarot, Runes), conversion (time, money, measurement),
and more interactive fun from Budapest!

Ethical Multiple (non-SPAM) eMailing
Put the lid on SPAM, before you end up eating it for breakfast! [Stop silly eMail hoaxes, too.]

Special HTML Characters (&?;) + Colors (BODY BGCOLOR=#?) + Tricks
If you design web sites, this reference page is must-see HTTP.

Our Editorial Sites
Sometimes we get cranky, and need to spout off.

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