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God Bless You, Dr. Jack Kevorkian
Dr. Jack Kevorkian (aka the 'Suicide Doctor' and 'Dr. Death') has been getting a bum rap, and here's why.

George Clooney and the Paparazzi
"Hey, take my picture instead!"

Annette O'Toole - The Internet Shrine
A respectful tribute to an underrated actress.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Is The Sexiest Woman Alive
Let's face it -- Hillary's our dream girl.

$EXCITE! Photos Games Downloads & Bomb Plans 4 Kids!
Juicy obscene sex photos, hot computer games,
cool software downloads and detonator blueprints for the kiddies? NOT!

Top 10 Annoying Things About The Olympics
The Olympics are a rare treat - let's keep it that way! [There have been a few drawbacks...]

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