Auto load images - site ergonomically designed!Welcome - we're glad that you're here! We aim to be good hosts and to provide for your online comfort and enjoyment. But you sought us out for a reason - don't deny it... it's like taking 13 steps off the end of a 12-step keyboard. You'll feel better when you accept the fact that you're probably spending too much time plugged in. We've all overdone it, at one time or another, and we're here to support you. What you have to do is stand up, look everyone in the eye, and say:

"My name is _____ and I HAVE NO LIFE!"

That's Interholic Key F1. There are eleven more (see below).

Now, doesn't that help? It's important to admit that things are out of control, before you can accept the support that you desperately need. We've all been there. We know how it feels to stay up most of the night in search of the atomic clock, Salvador Dalí´s Home Page, or the new super high-tech website just created by the Amish. No need to panic, we've provided them for you at the link site below!

Aw c'mon, load your images; we won't abuse you!MEMBERSHIP - now that you've joined the F12 Online Anonymous Twelve Step Program, you can spread the word to other tormented souls in need of succor. Just click 'n clone this hotkey award to your own website; we simply ask that you provide a link behind it, similar to the following:

<a href=""><img src="f12.gif"></a>

If you need help with this procedure, contact your Internet provider. All other F12 content is copyrighted, which means it's unavailable for duplicationJudge, ah bin framed.... Cyberspace elitism's out of style here - the site's been optimized for many browsers, so use whatever you like! Also, you won't need your hard-hat - nobody here codes exploding, half-baked A pixel is worth 1000 words!HTML. Although our content is updated continually, we're not under construction. So relax and enjoy the dancing pixels, secure in the knowledge that you're viewing a finished product!

AWARDS - a sampling of the organizations and individuals who have validated our existence:

You're missing quite a bit......and things are gonna be decidedly PINK!

WINNER - Contest #209 - Your Name Here! :

Burning Typewriter: Would you like a powerful writer's image as your Windows (or other system) background graphic? In 3.x, choose Main, Control Panel, Desktop, to record the name of your current Wallpaper File, in case you want to undo your work. Then visit "Hommage" 1974 by Leopoldo M. Maler, which is located at The Hess Collection. After loading, simply right-click on it, and select Set As Wallpaper! [To make a smaller version, paste its URL into the Graphics section at Anikó J. Bartos - Conversion and choose Shrink to Purée, so WebFX can chop it down to size.]

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