1. Seeing Red: those of you who know Alan are aware that he harbors a not-so-secret passion for women of the naturally redheaded persuasion. Since going online, he's discovered many kindred souls who share similar tastes, and they're exceptionally outspoken in their worship of Vermilion-Maned Goddesses. The most eloquent of the bunch is Tim Jasionowski; his Gallery o' Internet Redheads has links to many worthwhile Redhead Related Organizations. His droll commentary, a bone-dry hybridized style of "satirony" that you might see here on occasion, is a treat even if you don't follow his pointers.

  2. You want audio+tactile? We got audio+tactile! Get your clicker finger ready to pop some bubbles on the World's BEST Bubble Wrap homepage and getcher ya-ya's out! It's finger-clickin' good!

  3. Shaken, Not Stirred: if the trailer park is gettin' you down, and you dream of livin' large, what do you do? Some people head for the track to play the ponies, or fantasize that Ed McMahon will announce their number. Every time we stop by the corner mini-mall to throw away our money on the Lotto, we can't help but notice the furtive, half-ashamed looks of our fellow players. As we guiltily stake a portion of the weekly paycheck on our games of chance, we wonder, "Isn't there a way to put some glamour into layin' a bet?" Although most of us can't fly in to Monte Carlo for the glittering, global, jet-set gambling scene, there is a cosmopolitan alternative available. PLUS Lotto, in the Principality of Liechtenstein, is a charitable foundation that raises money for worthy causes like the Red Cross. For a minimum buy-in of about ten bucks (10 Swiss francs, plus a flat 2 franc service fee) that's charged to your credit card, you can set up your own offshore wagering account! There's a weekly prize of over a cool million, and you can play a franc at a time, or blow the whole ten francs at one shot. secure serverIt's not exactly rubbing elbows with James Bond at the baccarat table, but it sure beats the heck out of fishing around in the pocket lint for your lucky nickel to scrape that shiny crap off a Scratcher.

  4. Eureka!Yahoo's suggestions on searching the Web: if anyone would know, Yahoo would. Didja know that it stands for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle"? Neither did we...

  5. European Home Page has a beeyooteeful graphic map, click sensitive. Search a mainframe in Spain, staying mainly out of the rain in the plain.

  6. Night of the comet was NASA's attempt to come to grips with Hyakutake, but everybody knows Hale-Bopp was better...

  7. Welcome to the White House: drive Bubba and The Woodman bonkers with eMail.

  8. Video On Line mirrors an eclectic assemblage of sites - it's run by a group of crazy Sardinians who give good interface, in enough languages to impress Babel. They have everything from Salvador Dalí's Home Page (madness takes its toll - please have exact change) to Fractal pictures & animations (we'd explain it to you, but then your brain would explode).

  9. Here's one of the most technologically advanced sites we've ever seen - interactive video, surround sound, virtual reality interfaces, the works. Oddly enough, it will display in any browser; but perhaps most surprising is the fact that it's the newest offering from the Amish.

thymeClick clock for tick-tock (here=Back; update=Reload). The Time Service Dept. (formerly The Directorate of Time) at the U.S. Naval Observatory keeps us all on time. You can link right into their atomic clock, or find out why you can't rely on the local dial-up time. Discover what "Universal Time, Coordinated" means, and boggle at their "definitions of time". If you're pressed for time, and just want a quick hit of UTC [=PST+8], activate the clock at the beginning of this paragraph. If you haven't yet wasted enough time, get your red-hot time software. To find out how much time you have left (actuarially), the Death Clock will break the news. If you want to make time for distant friends, consult the World Time Zone Calculator. Or you could mark time by visiting Greenwich, the Prime Meridian. Ooops, we're out of... y'know...

WANAFinally, for those of you who can't get enough of this online twelve-step support thang, you might want to visit Webaholics or Netaholics Anonymous. We're badge-sportin' members!

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