My gosh!
It gets a little spooky
here in the warehouse
when the lights are off -
can you hear that echo...
echo... echo... echo... echo... echo... ?


For those brave and dedicated souls who don't wish to remain anonymous, F12 offers the finest heavyweight, pre-shrunk, 100% cotton, black teeshirt, with the hand silk-screened red front design illustrated below. C'est chouette, elegantly understated, or "diggity dank", as the kids are saying nowadays!

[Since we recently moved from GNN, the teeshirt has become a bit of a collector's item... F12's getting out of the clothing biz, so there are limited quantities remaining, and they're priced to move. Buy some for your friends, and save multiple shipping costs!]

=>Indicate number of teeshirts (they make thoughtful gifts!),
=>size(s) (Adult XL or L), and
=>send check or money order for US$12 each,
=>plus $3 (US destinations) shipping & handling per address
=>($5 for Canada & Mexico, $6 for other non-US addresses) to:

Alan Baird
Box 10801
Glendale, CA 91209 USA

Teeny-weeny print: price includes all applicable domestic taxes. F12 is not responsible for any duties or taxes imposed by countries other than the U.S. during delivery of international orders.

We've provided a link to a simplified order form (below) that you can print. Here's a rough pixel approximation of the design on the front (the lines and curves on the teeshirt are smooth):

...but you're gonna hafta load your images to see it!

...and here's the order form link!

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