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Many websites don't qualify for Point's Top 5% award - at last count, the figure was somewhere around 95%... To celebrate the wonderful relaxation of the rest of the Web, there's The Official "Bottom 95% of Sites On The Web" Site, linked on the second graphic below. While admitting that they've been slacking off a bit of late, a group of students at Dartmouth University currently maintain the site (it was originally the brainchild of one Peter A. Dutton, Jr.). A page can qualify to be in the Bottom 95% as long as it has never received a Top 5% rating from the Point survey. The page doesn't have to be good, bad or indifferent; it just can't be in the Top 5%. Logos (jpeg and gif) are provided to copy to the newly-sanctioned site, and then it's officially in the bottom ninety-five. Life doesn't get much sweeter than this.

It's comforting to know that in this super-competitive world, there are those who just don't care, and we applaud their lackadaisical nature, their willingness to stop and smell the roses, their staunch defense of the right to be mediocre. Not everyone is destined to be a shark in web page design, and luckily there are many wonderful award-givers out there who support all of the rest of us in our bumbling attempts to carve out a little corner of self-expression here on the Web. Sometimes an award graphic can satisfy that small, insistent inner voice which demands that we measure up to brother Elmo, the doctor, or sister Gertrude, the pom-pom girl for the L.A. Raiders (or perhaps even cousin Bruce, the pom-pom BOY for the L.A. Raiders).

No guarantees, express or implied, can be made that most (or any) of these links are still alive and kicking - when you're at the bottom, you don't try harder. In fact, there are times when you barely even try at all...


Oct96 WeirdCheck out the great magazine review we got, on the graphic over there... Although the following are not technically "Bottom" award sites, they fit right in with the general scheme of things around here. Plus, they're polymorphously perverse; where we come from, that's a GOOD thing! Mirsky's Worst of the Web, The Weak Site of the Week, Mediocre Site of the Day, Geek Site of the Day, The Unusual or Deep Site of the Day, FUnKy SiTe oF tHe DAy, RELAX - Bizarre Bazaar, From The Ridiculous To The Sublime and notoriety.

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