Bottoms Up! Review & Award
appeared on page 24 of volume 1, issue 11 (10/96) of "Internet underground" magazine, and also at (now defunct). The magazine review was a quarter-page horizontal layout, with the former URL at reproduced below, and a screen shot of the twelve badges which are now located at

Weird on the web awardIt seemed like a clever idea. Those Point Top 5% badges are everywhere on the Net, so why not make fun of them by inventing a "Bottom 5% of the Web" award. Guess what? What was funny the first time has gotten out of hand, as witnessed by this site, Bottoms Up!, which has collected the badges of every merry prankster spoofing the Point. They're all here, from "Pointless Bottom 5% of All Web Sites" to "Edge's Bottom 95% of All Web Sites." Oddly enough, this site has not been recognized by the Point yet.

Bottoms Up! · interholics Anonymous