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(no need to reset boxes after use - the buttons will never post data entered outside their horizontal lines)

Telstra White Pages - enter from/to locations and receive complete international telephone dialing codes and time/date comparisons with your destination:

FROM Country:   State/Province:*
      TO Country:   State/Province:*

  * optional for countries in a single time zone - returns US/Canada phone area codes (more precise than Telstra):

City Name:   State/Province:

  (after receiving the form page, scroll down to view results)

OR vice-versa - Area Code:  

Fone Finder - enter a US/Canada phone area code (and prefix), to find the city name:

Area Code:   Prefix/Exchange (optional):  

OR vice-versa (less precise than

City Name (first 10 characters):  

OR enter a non-US/Canada phone number or country code to find the country name:

Number (omit leading access digits):  

Four11 US Telephone Directory - visit the website for yellow pages and eMail address search forms, or scan the white pages here:

First Name:   Last Name (surname):

For a more precise search, enter additional information:
Street:   City:    State:

    [Novagate Phone Info] [PhoNETic] [AmeriCom Decoder]

US Postal Service ZIP+4 Code Lookup - Delivery Address is required. If you know the 5-digit ZIP Code, enter that also - if not, enter the City and 2-letter State:

Delivery Address: (required)

City:                       State:
OR - ZIP Code:        

If found in the USPS database, this lookup will standardize the address, and return the ZIP+4 Code. Visit the USPS website to consult a form which includes Company (firm records) and Urbanization (Puerto Rico) fields.

MetaCrawler - query multiple search engines (including AltaVista,
Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, WebCrawler and Yahoo!) simultaneously for:


-A phrase  -All of these words  -Any of these words

Timeout (seconds): -10  -30  -120
Maximum results per source: -10  -30  -50

[MetaSpy]   [Ask Jeeves]   [Internet Sleuth]   [SavvySearch]   [Yahoo's List]
[W3 Search Engines]  [Search.Com]  [Find-It]  [Research-It]  [Reference Shelf]

Other useful international resources:

The Hungarian Alchemist - Anikó J. Bartos (measurement, currency, & distance conversion; I Ching, Tarot, & Runes divination; stroke your ego; etc.)

Anonymous Remailers (after getting paranoid at I Can See You, these are a must <g>)

Weather Channel (includes U.S. flight info from the airlines)


International Travel Tips (interactive)

International Electricity, Adapters, Modems, etc.

Internet Country Codes

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