[Updated 1/16/99 - Corel recently notified me that WordPerfect's move from Orem to Ottawa has caused the loss of some internally-generated files. Unfortunately, Screenwright(R)'s WP9 conversion was among the lost items, so it will not be available in WP9's first release (the WP2000 business suite). Corel again has doubts about the size of the screenwriter market, so this screenplay formatter might be omitted from the home version of WordPerfect (due later this year) also, unless you can help.]

[8/8/98 - Bookmark this www.apc.net/ia/scrlett.htm page!] A form letter was once here, with directions for mailing or faxing it to the fine folks at Corel. The eventual goal was alerting them to the amount of popular interest in packaging Screenwright(R) with WordPerfect®. Well, guess what?

Corel intends to include
Screenwright(R)'s screenplay formatting technology
with WordPerfect 9!

Yaaay! My heartfelt thanks go out to those who sent a message... your efforts have really made a difference. This deal will provide me with only a token fee; it's basically a good-faith demonstration that screenwriters can help Corel in their marketplace struggle against Microsoft. And I know we'll come through - if you plan to buy a new word processor, this is an excellent place to make your voice heard. You may securely purchase award-winning WordPerfect products at bargain prices (starting from US$27.95) through these special arrangements with Digital River and Cyberian Outpost (WP9, with the screenplay formatter included, is scheduled for release early next year).

Beta Testing: The lucky folks who met WP9's Beta program deadline will be able to take advantage of some free screenwriting software, by giving a thorough test drive to Screenwright(R)'s design during the development cycle. However, Corel notified me on 5/5/98 that the WP9 Beta was officially closed. If you want to qualify as a Beta site for other Corel products, check with them from from time to time.

On a related note, if you're aware of any screenwriters who used Screenwright(R) in a theatrical motion picture released during the years 1995-1998, please contact me.

Support: Since I won't be the technical guru for WP9's version of Screenwright(R), you may consult Corel Support, or their Knowledge Base. They also encourage Feedback on all of their products, especially the new WP9 screenplay formatter! Finally, you can visit the home sites of Corel, WordPerfect, and WordPerfect Suite Newsletter Online.

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