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Author: Alan C. Baird
Organization: Screenwright(R)
Version: 6/21/97
Requires: WordPerfect 6.1
for Windows


Windows 3.1
or above

ZDNet Rating: **** 4-star
Category: Business /
Word Processing

Type: Shareware
Price: Free to try;
$60 to keep

Screenwright(R) is a WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows screenplay formatting add-on which automates the screenwriting process to a degree approached before now only by the costly standalone script processors. This shareware includes intuitive tools, which remember characters, locations, and a glossary; it also has full production-standard features. The system can be used immediately, and requires the fewest keystrokes in the industry. Screenwriters may execute it with a mouse, operate it without moving their fingers from the keyboard, or use any combination that's comfortable. WPDOS 6.0 and WPDOS 5.1 versions are available; read further details at:

Download Instructions: [summarized from the readme.txt file] click the scr6.exe location, and save it to disk. Change the download drive (bottom of "Save As..." menu) to an empty floppy (usually a: or b:).

After the file transfer is complete, switch to your Windows Program Manager and select File (or click the Win95 Task Bar's Start button), then choose Run, type a:scr6 (or b:scr6), and press Enter. If your WP Template directory was changed from the default c:\office\wpwin\template, conform the Unzip To Folder. Note that Overwrite is not checked; if you've created files named scrwp6w1.wpt or readme.txt that you want to save, re-name them before proceeding. Press Enter again; after the Unzipping process finishes, press Enter twice more.

Now start WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows at an empty screen: choose File, New, Select Template, cursor to -Screenwright(R) screenplay template, Select. When the opening macro finishes, full documentation will appear on your screen. [registration form]

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