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Zoetrope's Short Story & Play workshop, Novellas, Screenplays www.zoetrope.com
Del Rey Digital Writing Workshop (SciFi/Fantasy) www.randomhouse.com/delrey/workshop
SCRNWRiT listserv www.panam.edu/scrnwrit
ScreenplaySubmission.com (Broder Kurland Webb Uffner) www.screenplaysubmission.com
MovieBytes www.moviebytes.com
Screenwriters Utopia www.screenwritersutopia.com
The Spec Script Library www.thesource.com.au/scripts
Credits www.9TimeZones.com/ia/z5c.htm
Verdugo Hills Hospital www.verdugohillshospital.org

Prologue text, bios & photos www.screenwritersutopia.com/planet/users/acbaird.html
Personal ad location www.webpersonals.com
One Anikó & Alan site www.geocities.com/Vienna/6075

11 December:
Satirical twelve-step program www.9TimeZones.com/ia/f12.htm

Vol  Voile12 December:
The Last Lesson www.ssa.org
Airport setting www.tehachapi.com/glider

13 December:
Award-winning site www.9TimeZones.com/ia/f12bott.htm
Screenplay formatting software www.9TimeZones.com/ia/scr.htm
Film scripts www.9TimeZones.com/ia/zsyn.htm

15 December:
Six Hours In Vienna www.string-can.com

18 December:
Michael www.imdb.com Ð
Happy Holidaze www.9TimeZones.com/ia/gmailspx.txt
Cumulus www.topwritecorner.com

20 December:
The Sparrow Way www.blueroses.com

21 December:
Baedeker's www.baedeker.de
Glendale customized map tiger.census.gov/cgi-bin/mapsurfer
The Hollywood Reporter www.hollywoodreporter.com
Litany www.amazon.com
Te Deum www.amazon.com

27 December:
The English Patient www.imdb.com Ð
Hamlet www.imdb.com VHS
The Terminator www.imdb.com Ð
Cole/Haag www.amazon.com

29 December:
The French Connection www.imdb.com VHS

30 December:
Michigan State University www.msu.edu

promenade des Anglais ca. 193031 December:
La Légion Étrangère - un métier d'homme! www.chez.com/mot

2 January:
Letter-writing campaign www.9TimeZones.com/ia/scrhelp.htm
Universal Time, Coordinated tycho.usno.navy.mil/cgi-bin/timer.pl

5 January:
On This Day In Movie History www.imdb.com
Encyclopædia Britannica www.eb.com
This Day In History www.historychannel.com
Associated Press - Today In History www.kwtv.com
D.T.'s Today In All Kinds Of History historynut.terrashare.com/his
Daily Almanacs www.dailyalmanacs.com
Famous Birthdays www.famousbirthdays.com
Birthday Calculator www.parc.xerox.com
Longevity Game www.northwesternmutual.com
Death Clock www.deathclock.com

6 January:
Vilmos Zsigmond www.imdb.com
László Kovács www.imdb.com

7 January:
Teeshirt www.9TimeZones.com/ia/f12merc.htm

8 January:
Jim Cash (I) www.imdb.com
Jack Epps Jr. www.imdb.com

9 January:
Runes www.amazon.com

11 January:
Emoticons (smileys) www.eff.org/papers/eegtti/eeg_286.html

19 January:
Legal aspects www.amazon.com
Book w/ collaboration agreement www.amazon.com
Acco #5 Brads (1-1/4 inch Brass Fasteners) www.enterpriseprinters.com

21 January:
San Gabriel mountains www.zoetrope.com/files/pri/170/sgabwin.jpg
Dante www.amazon.com

23 January:
Rumi www.amazon.com

24 January:
MetaCrawler www.metacrawler.com
Hildegard von Bingen www.9TimeZones.com/ia/ghildgrd.htm

25 January:
Górecki www.amazon.com
Petõfi www.amazon.com
Devil's Punchbowl www.socalmtb.com/trails/devils.htm
Top hikes www.calendarlive.com
Tour www.aeve.com/digitaldesert/ddaa/pu01.html
Photos www.cco.caltech.edu/~meltzner/punchbowl

200126 January:
Drew's Script-O-Rama www.script-o-rama.com
The Daily Script www.un-official.com/The_Daily_Script
Top 5 List www.topfive.com
Strauss www.amazon.com
2001: A Space Odyssey www.imdb.com Ð
2001 soundtrack www.amazon.com
Alex North's 2001 - commissioned/unused original soundtrack www.amazon.com
Cathaoir Synge (Synge's Chair) www.dublinwriters.org

27 January:
Bookstore www.9TimeZones.com/ia/scrbook.htm

28 January:
Library of Congress, U.S. Copyright Office (Form PA) +1 (202) 707-3000
Writers Guild of America, west +1 (323) 951-4000 Registration: +1 (323) 782-4540
Writers Guild of America, East Online Registration +1 (212) 767-7800
Directors Guild of America +1 (310) 289-2000 Agency: +1 (323) 851-3671 NY: +1 (212) 581-0370
Screen Actors Guild +1 (323) 954-1600 Agency: +1 (323) 549-6737 NY: +1 (212) 944-1030
Screenwright(R) links www.9TimeZones.com/ia/scrlink.htm

29 January:
Steely Dan www.amazon.com
Cirque du Soleil www.amazon.com
Catalina www.catalina.com
Mt. Lowe Photos www.home.earthlink.net/~zeroy/30.html
Historic railway www.erha.org/pasmtlowe.htm
Echo Mtn. newsletter www.aaaim.com/echo
Humming www.newavalon.com

31 January:
Iwerks www.iwerks.com

1 February:
Vengeance On The Danube www.purpleprose.com

2 February:
The Old Farmer's Almanac www.almanac.com

9 February:
A Stranger Among Us www.imdb.com VHS
Sundays At Four www.lacma.org
I Ching web oracles www.geocities.com/Vienna/6075

10 February:
Mexican Jumping Beans www.toysource.com/jumpingbeans

11 February:
I Ching (Wilhelm) www.amazon.com
Bangin' Out That First Screenplay: A Substitute For Psychotherapy www.screentalk.org

13 February:
Valentine 9val.txt

14 February:
Julianne Baird www.amazon.com
Stuart Baird www.imdb.com Ð
Dan Baird www.amazon.com
LAX www.lawa.org
The Wizard of Oz www.imdb.com Ð

15 February:
Channel Light Vessel www.amazon.com
Mouth Music www.amazon.com
Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares www.amazon.com
Tabula Rasa www.amazon.com
Arbos www.amazon.com
Passio www.amazon.com

16 February:
Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting (A.M.P.A.S.) www.oscars.org/nicholl
Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition www.austinfilmfestival.com
Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab www.sundance.org
Chesterfield Film Company Writer's Film Project Fellowships www.garlic.com/chesterfield
Walt Disney Studio Fellowships +1 (818) 560-6894
The Writers Network Screenplay Competition +1 (800) 646-3896
Other Contests www.moviebytes.com

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The Fall In Budapest www.9TimeZones.com/ia/zsyn.htm

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Bios & photos www.screenwritersutopia.com/planet/users/acbaird.html

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